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Brenda Mareri- Winner of the LoS Awards Challenge 2015

My Journey with Lions of Science

Science and technology has always been a passion of mine. As a young lady, I would spend days on end tinkering on how to dissect little mice and explore the mechanics of their organs. The older I grew the more my interest for all things science grew. As I pursued my education and geared myself towards more research work, it was evident that I would need a significant amount of funds to achieve my goal. This is the situation for most young scientists and technocrats in Kenya and in many other neighbouring countries. 

Development in Science and technology requires significant investment and time to culminate into technologies that will be useful to the masses.  We need more research and development to be done in our countries and women should be at the forefront. The Lions of Science has been a great positive impact in my life. My desire has always been to develop new materials in new innovative ways to make the lives of people easier.  Winning Lions of Science award gave me a chance to share my research and knowledge with my community and the world as a whole.

Lions of Science invests in the potential that young students portray and avails opportunities to make their dreams a reality. By offering mentorship, training and support, my project is now off the ground and I have the opportunity to explore my skills and make my research come to life. The Lions of Science main objective is to assist young scientists and technologists to achieve their dreams.

Currently with Lions of Science, I am working to make my project Bio-Textile come to life. With a textile that can be grown biologically by bacteria from waste material, we will be able to curb environmental pollution on a greater scale. The future will be made of biodegradable material shoes, dresses and various items of clothing, all while we manufacture the material by breaking down waste.

This has all been possible with Lions of Science. I would encourage every student, researcher and technocrat to apply for an opportunity to be part of Lions of Science. This would be the first step to making the world a better place and getting your great ideas to the masses.



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