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1st Place winner 2013: Integrated Sonar Echo Eye - Engineering

Integrated Sonar Echo Eye (I.S.E.E) - LoS Awards challenge 2013

Project owner: Ken-Andrew Muthui
Project name: Integrated Sonar Echo Eye (I.S.E.E)

​Project overview: 
There are many visually impaired people around the world. The project Integrated Sonar Echo Eye (I.S.E.E) aims to make navigation easy for them through the use of the eco-location. It consists of wearable spectacles that can detect obstacles through ultra sonic frequencies which alerts the user via audio ques fran embedded speaker. The users are thus warned of the impending collision, making it easy for them to evade the obstacle ahead of them.

The Integrated Sonar Echo Eye uses ultrasonic frequencies to detect obstacles and thus gives the feedback of an echo to the device which produces an audio warning to the user. The incorporation of Google maps and audio satellite navigation alerts onto the users mobile, will help the user be aware of their directions and their current place. This will assist the visually impaired to avoid collisions with obstacles on theirr paths as well as know their exact position.

What is the issue?
Finding a better solution for visually impaired.

Project Objectives: 
To make navigation easy for the visually impaired.

Visually impaired people

Change the way of living for visually impaired people.



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